If you are an living anywhere in the world and are struggling to find a job or a school that fits your interests, we are here to help. In the few years since its inception, Edu and Work Connect has assisted lot of Clients in obtaining study and work visas, as well as work permits, invitation letters, and acceptance letters for European , Asian and American countries. Due to our longstanding reputation for honesty, employers and University Partners approach us to find personnel and also respect our referrals. We are committed to providing our clients with excellent services as they pursue their dreams.


Study Abroad (Scholarships & Self-Sponsored)

Work Abroad (Sponsored & Self- Sponsored)



University of North Alabama


Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation


Cracow University of Technology
University of Information technology and Management -Rzeszow
University of Economics and Human Sciences-Warsaw
Vistula University
Theology colleges
University of Business Management-Warsaw


Lovely proffesional University

Sharda Universiy
Chandighar University Group

Chimango Mwandira

Chimango Mwandira


"Fulfilling my passion for education and exploring the world has been the driving force behind my journey. Every step I take towards learning and working abroad opens doors to new opportunities and expands my horizons, leaving a mark of growth and inspiration in my story." -Chimango Mwandira

Hope Jabes

Hope Jabes


Hope is an Enthusiastic , hadworking person. He is incharge of our physical location in Malawi. "You are the Greatness, outlive your life beyond transgenerationals and times"-Hope Jabes

Peter Tandi

Peter Tandi


Peter is a Major in Hospitality and tourism Management , He is Fluent in Shona. "Life's challenges may be tough, but I'll face them head-on with unwavering determination. No obstacle is too great when you have the courage to persevere." - Peter Tandi